Summer School lecture recordings

Akmediev, Nail - Rogue Waves

Assad, Syed - How to communicate securely: Introduction to quantum cryptography

Carvalho, Andre - What is entanglement? From EPR to quantum information 1of2

Carvalho, Andre - What is entanglement?: From EPR to quantum information 2of2

Dasgupta, Mahananda - Tunnelling in Nuclear Fusion: consequences of many body quantum nature in collisions

Hole, Matthew - Making a star on Earth: progress and prospects for fusion power

Kivshar, Yuri - Metamaterials and nonlinear photonics: towards a photonic chip

Mangazeev, Vladimir - Quantum Geometry

Michael, Clive - 3D fields: complex geometry, experiments and diagnostics

Mulvaney, Paul - Opportunities and Challenges in Nanotechnology

Ostravskaya, Elena - Nonlinear matter waves: Bose-Einstein condensates

Schmidt, Brian - Observations and the Standard Model of Cosmology

Simenel, Cedric - How mean is the field? Physics of quantum many-body systems

Sukhorukov, Andrey - Nonlinear optics: frequency conversion and quantum circuits

Truscott, Andrew - Tests of quantum entanglement with matter waves

Zelinsky, Alex - DSTO: purpose and roles

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